Texting & Driving Campaign

According to the CDC 1161 people are injured from texting and driving each day. 9 people lose their lives each day. This data is from 2013 and each year it increases 10%. If you convert the stats it becomes even more shocking. Every 1.2 minutes someone is injured. Every 2.5 hours someone dies. 

To end this the AdCouncil is asking for people to sign-up and pledge to end texting and driving. Sign-up and remain a member for a week and they will pay your next parking ticket or minor traffic violation.



To sign-up enter you name, phone and email. Stay a member for 7 days to get your infraction paid. 


Once you've signed up you will now receive a text every 1.2 min notifying you someone was injured. And you will receive at text every 2.5 hours notifying you someone has passed away. Stay a member for 7 days and your traffic infraction will be payed. 


Each day you will get an email summarizing the day's stats.


Digital billboards will line highways reflecting daily stats from texting and driving accidents.